Juku(s) are private Japanese schools and they’re intended to help students improve performance in their regular school work and to help them better prepare for exams. Though this type of school is primarily designed for academic subjects, it is not rare to find Jukus for sports and martial arts.
Our goal is not to replace the traditional information channels, but to help those who make decisions for their IT environments, to inform and discuss the technological side that we know better: IT infrastructure virtualization and storage.

Unlike the past, today those who live in IT should look around themselves: things are changing rapidly and there is the need to stay informed, learn quickly and to support important decisions, but how? this site contains our ideas, the result of our daily interaction that we have globally on the web and social networking with vendors, analysts, bloggers, journalists and consultants. But our work doesn’t stop there, the comparison and the search is global, but the sharing and application of our ideas must be local and that is where our daily experience, with companies rooted in the Italian territory, becomes essential to provide a sincere and helpful vision. That’s why we have chosen: “think global, act local” as a payoff for Juku.