I’m here at VMworld in San Francisco, the day is almost finished so I get the opportunity to briefly recap on what has happened during the day.

The Keynote

Pat Gelsinger (CEO of VMware) kicked off the event with a good keynote. He spent a lot of time showing the benefits brought by his company products and showing what will happen next: SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) is the buzzword this year… and cloud was mentioned very sparingly during the whole speech!
He made a lot of announcements starting from a new version of vSphere (5.5) to the vCloud Hybrid Services.
Most of the time was spent talking about Software-Defined Storage and Networking, the announcement in this fields are a lot: VSAN, Virsto, VVols, Flash cache (only for reads) and NSX.
You can find many articles all over about the announcements, here are a few examples from famous bloggers:

Wahl Network on vSphere 5.5

vClouds on VSAN

Yellow Bricks on vFlash

NSX (and this about software-defined storage strategy)on an official VMware’s blog

I didn’t collect links about vCHS (it’s all a little bit foggy indeed, tomorrow I’ll spend more time on it)

One of the most intriguing things that I saw in the slides is a “Desktop-as-a-Service” offering built on vCHS… I’m very curious to know more about that topic, but I didn’t find anything yet (still digging around).

Last but not least, OpenStack. It was mentioned very briefly, badly and with lack of style (the name in the slide was misspelled). I know, probably this Keynote isn’t the best time to talk about OpenStack but I think that there is more to say about the relationship between the two.

The Expo Area

I just walked through a few minutes in the expo area, some of the booths are very, very, interesting. I’ve already made a list of the most interesting ones and I’ll come back very soon to record some interviews…

Bottom line

The show is superb (as well as all the collateral events). I’m literally jumping from meeting to meeting but I hope to have some time tomorrow for a couple of interesting sessions too. stay tuned for tweets and updates.

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