hortonworks logoDuring last ITPT I had the opportunity to meet some people from Hortonworks management team.

The company, on the contrary of its competitors, has a different business model and it only sells support services on a 100% standard Hadoop distribution. They strongly contribute to Apache Hadoop code base but they do not develop proprietary add-ons.
This business model, looking at the numbers they are showing, is contributing to the success of this startup which is steadily growing in US and EU.

hortonworks hdp 2.1Hortonworks’s Hadoop distribution, called HDP, is already based on Yarn (a new cluster resource management tool which is capable to integrate various processing modules) and leverages Spark (the in-memory analytics module) for faster data processing.

In this short video, I asked Tim Hall (VP product management) to talk a little bit about Hortonworks, the ideas behind the company as well as its position about Hadoop.

Enjoy the video!

Tim Hall (VP product management) talks about Hortonworks and Hadoop from Juku on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this meeting by Condor Consulting Group and they paid for travel and accommodation, I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than the Juku team.