At the beginning of October I’ll be attending the first VeeamON in Las Vegas. I usually don’t accept invites from single product companies (which means a long journey to the US for me) but for Veeam it is slightly different. (BTW, they are not a single product company, even if it’s indisputable that they are mostly known for their backup suite)

Why I’m attending

capture-smallI admire Veeam for being capable of innovating in a field that is all but sexy! In fact, in case you aren’t already informed, Veeam leads the market of backup solutions for virtualized infrastructures with an incredibly easy to use software and, version after version, this software company has been adding tons of compelling new features. During this trip I’ll be meeting a lot of people who work for Veeam, end users and partners. My intent is to find out more about the company, the product, future strategy and roadmap.

I especially hope to get a deeper understanding of the last 2 points (strategy and roadmap). The company has grown a lot in the last couple of years and they are quickly moving from the SMB space to larger enterprises and bigger ISPs. Version 8 of the product is expected to be launched during the event and it will add many more features for these kinds of end users.

Bottom line

I’m browsing through the sessions catalog at the moment to find the content that looks more appealing to me… and then I’ll share as much as I can during and after the event. 😉
In any case, it’s already clear to me that if you are a Veeam Partner/Consultant you absolutely can’t miss this show. Will I be seeing you there?

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