When I joined OpenIO in January of this year, I did so because I trusted the team and the technology. But, to be fair, it was a leap of faith. Even though the technology and team were both mature and robust, OpenIO, as a company, was still young. It had lots of ideas and enthusiasm, but also with a market fit that still hasn’t shown its real potential.
These past ten months have been like working on a rollercoaster. Exciting, scary, exhilarating, with impressive accelerations and, sometimes, sudden stops. But what I have enjoyed the most was the continuous validation coming from the field. Customers, technology partners, and resellers really love what we do, they appreciate our vision, and they trust the roadmaps we are shaping with them. This was evident at our first OpenIO Summit, last month.
We think differently than any other object storage company. Yes, we have a few things in common with them, but our architecture design and flexibility set us apart. We are not focused only on lowering $/G but also on increasing $/data (increasing the value of data stored in OpenIO SDS).
Today, thanks to investments coming from our financial partners, we have seen further validation of our work, and we now have the funds to speed up the growth of the company, our community, and our partner ecosystem, as well as develop our presence across new territories.
We are excited. This is a new chapter for OpenIO, and we are already hard at work to make it a success.