home change for a goldfish to a better place

home change for a goldfish to a better place

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  • Heading #VeeamON! 20/05/2019
    I recorded this episode while driving (sorry about the audio quality, 100% hands free though!) and talked about my expectations for #VeeamON, HPE buying Cray, and the webinars about #dataprotection and #hyperconvergence that I'll be hosting later this week. Enjoy the listen!
  • Quick comments about @Cohesity acquiring @ImanisData, and @Nutanix Mine 09/05/2019
    A quick take about Cohesity acquiring Imanis Data and Nutanix entering the secondary data storage market.  Data management for structured and unstructured data is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry now. If you like to learn more about unstructured data management please check out my work on Juku.it and GigaOm.com, or join […]
  • Cloud File Systems with Jerome McFarland (VP Marketing, Elastifile) 22/10/2018
    In this episode we talk about cloud file systems, the challenges to build a file service solution for the cloud, most common use cases and Elastifile's product design and implementation. We also talk about a new automated tiering feature introduced by Elastifile with version 3 of its product.

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