techunplugged-logoIt took place a few days ago in Amsterdam, it was a terrific event. I shouldn’t say that, since I was the organizer, but my sole job was simply to pool together a great group of people who actually built the show. And by people, I mean everyone: influencers, attendees and vendors.

In fact, I think that influencers pull the trigger with their presentations, but the interaction that follows amongst them, attendees and sponsors, is the mix that brings real value to all of us!

The concept

The concept is simple: ideas, interaction, sharing experiences and networking. Every session opens with a lot of Q&A and the panels can be considered huge roundtables (we organize the room so that attendees and panelists are on the same floor, at the same level!).

The role of the sponsors

TU-sponsorsAnd the sponsors did a great job too!
This event was made possible thanks to their support, but the great thing is that they are present to interact with others. I asked them to talk less about their products and talk to the attendees about technology and their point of view on the topics we discuss during the day. And they did! Adding even greater value to the whole conversation. Thank you!!!

The content

We produced a lot of content at TECH.unplugged and I will be sharing all of it.
I’m still collecting PDFs of the presentations; videos are being edited right now while I’m writing this short post and two podcasts were recorded during the open panel sessions (here the links to In Tech We Trust and Grey Beards On Storage Podcasts). Everything will be published in a few days.
Stay tuned!

It’s time to think about the next step

In the next weeks you’ll be seeing a lot of improvements/changes to the TECH.unplugged website and we are going to announce a new date (yes, We are going to the US!). The objective of the project is to make TECH.unplugged a travelling event, holding small conferences around the world where IT professionals can talk to each other and share experiences with peers.

Dear sponsor…

If you are a vendor and you think you could be interested in supporting TECH.unplugged and its community, just let us know. Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can (please send your enquiry to David Littman at