IMG_20150422_123028I wanted to write this short note just to thank everyone who took part in the first TECH.unplugged in London a couple of days ago: attendees, bloggers and vendors!

Thank you!

From my personal point of view it was a great success. First of all thanks to all the bloggers that made it possibile, the content created to start the conversations was really great! And all the content (presentations, and videos) will soon be published on the website.
The audience was brilliant too, to say the least. Many of them participated by sharing their point of view and commenting at every session!
And the sponsors helped to make it even better and more enjoyable.

IMG_20150422_093920We can improve TECH.unplugged of course, there is always room for improvement! But considering it was my first time organizing an event outside of Italy (I have been running Juku.unplugged seminars in Italy for a while now), I’m very satisfied with the outcome of this first edition.

Thank you everyone!

The next step

I’m sorting through all the feedback forms right now and reading all the valuable suggestions you wrote in them! There are some good ideas which I will put to use in future events.
In fact, we are going to repeat TECH.unplugged, I’m thinking of making it a traveling event for example… all round the world? Yes, maybe/why not!
Perhaps the first stop could be in the Netherlands in September… and there are some folks asking to replicate it in Australia too. I may be getting ahead of myself here since the event ended just a day ago. But, you know, the excitement can make one dream at times! 😉

Stay tuned!

techunplugged-logo-1The videos and the presentations will soon be available on the TECH.unplugged website and on youtube, and I’ll be keeping you posted on future updates about the event.

If you were with us the other day and have something to add, please feel free to post your comments. They are warmly welcome! 😉