I have been organizing seminars in Italy for quite some time now. They are all under the Juku.unplugged brand and the idea is to bring the content of my blog to the real world with presentations about cloud computing, virtualization and storage. techunplugged-logoMy objective is to educate and inform on new technology and trends which I get the chance to familiarize with during my trips in the US, and also thanks to the work I do for my clients.

The events are quite successful for the Italian market and the last one, organized with he help of VMUGIT, counted 75 attendees. The idea/concept is always the same: a lot of independent content, round tables, end users speaking about their experiences, confrontation with attendees (which are usually end users and other IT professionals) and networking.

This year I’d like to bring it to the next level and abroad, so I have involved some folks in putting together a new event with more content and more value!

Let me introduce TECH.unplugged

techunplugged-plateaTECH.unplugged is a 1-day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructures. It is addressed to end users and other IT professionals who are looking for a different kind of event where content is the king. The idea is to replicate what I’ve learned from the Juku.unplugged events, while introducing added value by including many more influencers, with different points of view that can spark interesting conversations with the audience.

In fact, TECH.unplugged will be hosted by famous industry influencers including
Chris EvansArchitectig.IT;
Hans De LeenheerHansDeleenheer.com;
Martin GlassborowStoragebod.com;/
Nigel PoultonNigelpoulton.com;
Stephen FoskettTechFieldDay.comBlog.Fosketts.net;
– And me, Enrico SignorettiJuku.it.

We will be joined by a few selected sponsors, with the objective to provide a combination of opinions, and real product examples influencing the future of enterprise IT.
70% of the content will be from independent sources while the the rest will be provided by sponsors.

The Future of Enterprise IT: Technology and Strategies

iStock_000021779385Medium“The Future of Enterprise IT: Technology and Strategies” will be the theme of the day. The focus will be entirely on new and disruptive technologies, and how they can be adopted in the real world. You can find a preliminary agenda here.

The focus of the event will be on end users, giving them the opportunity to actively participate. In fact, most of the material presented will be from independent sources and end users can play a major role by sharing their points of view, experiences and opinions.

Why attend?

The innovative formula of TECH.unplugged brings together a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage rich technology environments.
Our goal is not to replace traditional information channels and analysts, but to deliver insights and information in a unique way. The goal is to assist IT decision makers by bringing them together with independent bloggers, industry vendors, and end users, and engaging in debates and open discussions on topics such as IT infrastructure, virtualization, cloud computing and storage.

We believe that we can build major value by drawing together the contribution of various experiences and opinions.

Sign up… and share!

ST_LOGOIf you want to know more, the web site of the event is http://techunplugged.io.
You can also sign up on Evenbrite (you can find the registration form at the end of this article too)

Due to the nature of TECH.unplugged, we are publicizing it only on our blogs and social networks. If you like it please share, it will help us to increase the number of attendees and you will have more peers with which to discuss the future and the strategies of your IT!

A note for potential sponsors

Sponsors are an important element for TECH.unplugged because they allow free access to educational material and useful information for the attendees.
Equally, this seminar will also be important for sponsoring companies: they are given the opportunity to talk to a very focused group of end users and IT professionals who are highly involved in the acquisition process for their companies.
If you are interested in sponsoring this event or you just want to know more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information: info@juku.it