Yesterday I attended the second part of Tech Field Day roundtables at VMworld, this time I had the opportunity to meet Simplivity and CommVault.
If the first day the room was crammed with bloggers, this time I counted even more people in the room. The discussion that came alongside the presentations was very interesting. Unfortunately there wasn’t a live streaming of the event but I will share the videos as soon as they will be available!


I’ve recently wrote a couple of blogs on Simplivity. There isn’t a lot more to add but there is a piece of news that is pretty interesting.
It comes from the announcement of new entry level and bigger models of Omnicube. These new models are thought up to reach more types of customers ranging now from the small to the large enterprise. All the models maintain the same acceleration hardware (Data Virtualization Engine) and you can also federate old and new Omnicubes together.
As I already wrote in the past, I really like the Simplivity’s approach and the technology behind the Omnicube. I think that if you are looking to these kinds of infrastructures you should put simplivity among the few companies that are absolutely worth a look.
I hope to have the chance to spend some more time with them at their booth tomorrow and to dig into some features that look particularly interesting…


You can’t certainly consider CommVault as a newcomer in the backup space but, at the same time, the platform that their are proposing is very innovative (especially if you compare it to the traditional products that you can find in the enterprise market) and with a lot of potential for the future needs of enterprises.
In fact, the whole product is based on a modular extensible platform capable of delivering backup/recovery, archiving, search and more. The features that you can find in the current release will be even more expanded in the future. For example, it will be soon available a S3 compatible API that will allow the user to treat Simpana almost like an object storage! (keep this with a grain of salt, I simplified only to give you the idea…)
The implications of this are many but the most important to me comes from the idea that data have much more value if you can extract information from them. In this case Simpana can have an important role in the ingestion, management and the transformation of your backup into an asset (and consequently help your business to improve!).