Contrary to that my friend Howard is doing these days, I’m leaving for a couple of weeks (3 maybe). No blogs, no tweets, nothing (probably, I’ll only post a few selfies and hopefully a couple of pictures with fishes I’ll catch 😉 ). Sailing on my sailboat with the family is what I need to recharge batteries.
However, I’m already looking forward for VMWorld, one of the most important industry events, and the event into the event: Tech Field Day Extra!


VMWorld-blogAs you might know, VMworld is always full of announcements, a lot of people and networking (even parties and meet-ups are opportunities to catch up with great people you see only once in a year).
There are a lot of expectations around the event itself: hybrid cloud is heating up (and we will see what is happening in the vCHS space), storage will be in the spotlight (this will be the year of VVOL finally! and surely we are going to see even more than that), Networking, and so on.
Eventually, we will know for real if VMware will directly play or not (and how) in the hardware (hyper-converged?) game (do you remember the rumors about project Marvin?).
I can’t really wait!

The (Extra) event into the event

TFD-Extra-Logo-150Fortunately, for me and for a bunch of other bloggers, the event doesn’t end here. I’ll also be attending Tech Field Day Extra!
This is a special Tech Field Day edition which is the evolution of last years Tech Field Day roundtables. Evolution means less bloggers for each session and it very sounds like more interaction and more deep diving… cool! isn’t it?
All the roundtables will be recorded and broadcasted live. You can also ask questions and interact with us live on twitter. Usually, a lot of fun, tech chats and ideas come from those roundtables… they are worth a watch.
Last but not least, Tech Field Day Extra will host a particular interesting session with a “secret company” that will be soon revealed. I can’t say more at the moment but, trust me, it will be something you can’t miss!

Bottom line

I’ll be there since Sunday the 23rd, if you want to catch up with me, talk about storage and virtualization or just share ideas in front of a beer, send me a DM. You’ll find me at the blogger lounge or at one of the parties 😉

Disclaimer: I was invited to Tech Field Day Extra by GestaltIT and they paid for travel and accommodation. VMworld Pass was kindly provided by VMware and many vendors will have special giveaways for bloggers and vExperts.
I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than the Juku team.