I’m glad to announce the availability of my latest report. This paper has been written to talk about the new storage capabilities of Microsoft Windows Server 2012. Instead of writing about single features and how they work, I preferred to address each single issue from different points of view giving realistic examples and use cases on how Microsoft Windows Server 2012 can help you to brilliantly solve them. This is a “Down to earth report” and, as such, it wants to be educative and informative.

IT managers, Executives but also Architects and Infrastructure specialists who care about the IT transformation of their company will find information that will be useful to look at Windows Server from a different perspective. The introduction was thought out to describe the scenario and the challenges while the rest of the document goes in depth on some of the most interesting use cases.

You can download the full report here, enjoy the reading… and let me know your comment!

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a client of Juku Consulting srl