NetApp has announced a new version of its object storage platform StorageGRID Webscale. This is not a point release as the name suggests… in fact, the number of new and improved functionalities is quite impressive and range from improved S3 support to a better UI and performance.


StorageGRID, part of an ecosystem

We know that the NetApp Strategy has changed drastically in the last couple of years, moving from being ONTAP-only focused to what can be defined as a more mature approach, aiming to match customers’ needs with the most suitable products. And that’s not all, the most important bit of the story is that NetApp is actually trying to build a sort of compatibility layer between all its storage platforms, called Data Fabric. I think it’s a smart move, something EMC has never tried doing and could make a difference in large IT infrastructure where multiple types of systems are deployed and need to talk to each other in one way or the other.


An ecosystem inside the ecosystem

Another thing I really like about StorageGRID is that NetApp is one of the few which is actually building an ecosystem of end-to-end solutions around its object storage platform.
AltaVault and NAS Bridge are aligned with the needs of distributed enterprises, while integration between primary and secondary storage (like, for example, Solidfire with its ability to offload snapshots and clones to an S3 repository) is becoming more and more attractive for end users of all kinds.


Closing the circle

I updated my paper about StorageGRID Webscale a few days before the launch of the product and it is now available for free download here on It talks about some of the benefits of object storage and covers StorageGRID ecosystem and features.
I’ll be attending NetApp Insight in a few weeks and I’m really curious to see what NetApp has been working on and what to expect from them in the next future…

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[DISCLAIMER: NetApp is a client of Juku consulting. I was personally invited to attend NetApp Insight, with NetApp covering my travel and accommodation costs.  However I was not compensated for my time.  I am not required to blog on any content; blog posts are not edited or reviewed by NetApp before publication.]