If you’re interested in working with us, here are a number of options, our scope is global so if you’re reaching us from a foreign country we can accommodate your requests as well:

Work with us on Blogging/events

If you like this blog and you are considering to involve us in an analysts/bloggers/press event or you would like one of the Juku’s authors to perform a speech/keynote at a public or private event don’t hesitate to contact us. Juku authors may also cover and report on IT events worldwide, feel free to contact us to show the terms of a potential collaboration.

Work with us through Juku consulting

Juku consulting piccoloAs you probably know, we run a small consultancy firm: Juku consulting. Our job is to help customers who are engaged in Virtualization, Storage or Cloud Computing related projects. If that sounds like your interest/project/situation, let us know!

If you’re looking for any kind of Virtualization or Storage related advice/consulting, or have an issue that you think we might be helpful with, feel free to contact us: we can get in touch with you to set up a quote.

We are in the lucky position to seat between vendors and end users and we can act as an independent trusted advisor for both of them.
If you are a Vendor/VAR/consultant, Media/Press firm or an end user and You are looking for independent IT custom research and analysis, opinions on market trends, white papers, products and technology reviews/positioning/workshops/seminars, buyer advisory, audits, let us know!

If you’re looking to hire someone for a consulting or similar project that is related to research and analysis or advisoring, we might be helpful, feel free to contact us: we can get in touch with you to set up a quote.

Juku Consulting – v. monte Titano, 107 – 47923 Rimini – Italy – P.I. 04298730401


Advising and Consulting. With over 20 years experience in the field, Juku consulting has been assisting clients in both highly technical issues and strategic IT infrastructure choices.
In recent years we have also been engaged in assisting vendors and third parties (Resellers, VARs and system integrators) to enhance their proposals and provide guidance geared towards improving staff performance.
This translates into targeted and personalized consultancies for professionals wanting to improve their knowledge and competitiveness.

On Call Analysis and advisory. Flexibility, cost effectiveness and “flash” support. We have introduced a new service that is deliverable via web and/or conference call. Our goal is to provide rapid access to external consultants without having to set up face-to-face meetings and therefore avoiding travel expenses for issues that can easily be managed in other ways.
The fee for this service is low and is calculated on an hourly basis. This allows the client to take full advantage of Juku consulting even when their physical presence is not necessary.

RFP (Request for proposal) and vendor selection. Making the right choices and providing good service is essential in the procurement process of IT infrastructures. With this objective in mind, producing a RFP document (Request for Proposal) aimed at finding the best vendor and solution while granting objectivity and uniformity in the evaluation process becomes a key factor.
Juku consulting provides customer support in the preparation of RFPs and in the evaluation process, from a technical and vendor’s competence point of views as well as help in managing relations with sales.

Technology reports. Juku consulting works with IT vendors, end users and third parties to develop validation reports on technology and products, benchmarks, product functionalities and laboratory tests.
We produce reports, white papers, and other publications on different market segments and topics that we follow on an on-going basisk. Juku consulting can also produce documents for specific client needs.
A complete list of all our public documents is available on this website by following this link. Published documents can be distributed freely unless otherwise specified.

Workshops and Seminars. Informative and educational efforts found on Juku.it have also been transformed into traditional events: Juku’s author organizes free traveling educational seminars (TECHunplugged) mainly geared towards end users. With the same spirit, Juku consulting organizes webinars and workshops on vertical topics and for focused groups of IT professionals.
This kind of activity can be replicated to support vendor and channel operators in workshops and seminars on line and on the field. We are also available to participate as speakers for events and conferences.