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In this episode I’m with Shachar Fienblit (CTO at Kaminario) and we talk about:
– The company
– K2 scale-out + scale-up architecture
– Kaminario adopting next generation NAND chips (3D NAND, TLC) for its arrays.

Full transcript of the episode

Enrico:            Hello, everyone. Welcome to a new
episode of Today, I’m with Shachar Fienblit, CTO of Kaminario. Hi,
Shachar. How are you?

Shachar:         I’m very good. Thank you.

Enrico:            For who doesn’t know who you are,
the first question is about the company and you. If you can introduce yourself
and the company, please.

Shachar:         Okay. My name is Shachar Fienblit. I’m
the CTO of Kaminario. We are a top provider of mid-range, enterprise class,
all-flash storage. Our product is called K2. K2 is the only storage
architecture on the market that can scale up by adding capacity or scale out to
increase both capacity and performance. We are a company that deliver flash in
a very cost-efficient way with average price of $2 per gig and going down as we
develop new technologies.

Enrico:            That’s great. You already have said
something real interesting, the capability of scale up and scale out. Can you
talk more about the [architectural 00:01:22] design of your solution?

Shachar:         Our company vision is to be partners
for customers, to help them scale their business easily and cost-efficiently.
What we are doing [inaudible 00:01:36] by that. We believe that each customer
has requirements, performance requirements, capacity requirements, and we would
like to meet any requirement in the most cost-efficient way. We are able to …
[A 00:01:54] customer can start with exactly [inaudible 00:01:58]. [We just
talk about your needs 00:01:59] is the day of purchase.

                        From there, we are very flexible to scale up
by adding capacity. Our architecture is built in a way that we do not have a
limit for the amount of metadata, so customer can add shelves and expand
capacity without increasing performance. If customer needs more performance, it
is possible to scale out by adding more nodes, more controllers, and scaling
both capacity and performance. By doing this, the ability to scale up and scale
out allows the customer to scale their business in the most cost-efficient way
to meet their needs.

Enrico:            That’s really interesting. Also, I
know that you are already in production with 3D NAND technology, and you are
also thinking about doing more in the future. Is that correct? Does it bring a
value to your customers already? What are you seeing by implementing this
technology in the field?

Shachar:         Yes. We are actually the first
all-flash [inaudible 00:03:17] vendor to use 3D NAND in the market. We believe
in architecture. We called it one [inaudible 00:03:29]. Our IP is in the
software. At any point in time, we will deploy the most cost-efficient outdoor
element available for our customers, so customers will be able to secure their
old investment and to deploy new technologies.

                        A year ago, we were using MLC, not 3D. During
the year, we transitioned to use also 3D NAND. This helped to reduce the cost
because the 3D technologies, you can get more density by adding layer of flash.
Currently, the technology [with the 3X 00:04:20] geometry. By doing this,
customer get very good endurance with better price compared to the MLC

                        We are continuing with [develop 00:04:36] new
technologies. We are testing TLC. We will [inaudible 00:04:40] a TLC solution
this year. No, actually, in Q3. This will help us to further reduce costs,
further double the density by deploying new technologies very quickly. The
secret that we can do it faster than the competitors is because we build an
architecture that is very efficient on the metadata.

Enrico:            That sounds really interesting. I
will have to spend more time with you, but the format of this [podcast
00:05:18] is 3 questions in 5 minutes, so for this time, we are okay with that.
Probably, we will have another session in the future. Just one more thing,
where we can find you on Twitter.

Shachar:         On Twitter, use kaminarioflash. Of
course,, the website. We would like to talk with customers and
explain the benefits of our unique architecture and unique product.

Enrico:            Thank you very much for your time.

Shachar:         Thank you, Enrico. It is always
pleasure to talk with you.