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In this episode I’m with Marco Del Plato (system engineer at Zerto) and we talk about:

– Cloud functionalities of the latest release
– Multitenancy of the product
– what we can expect from Zerto in the near future

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Transcript of this episode

Enrico: Welcome to our new episode of Today, I am with Marco Del Plato. System engineer in EMEA for Zerto. Good morning Marco.
Marco: Good morning Enrico and thanks for this opportunity. I really appreciate.

Enrico: This is a little bit strange for me to have another Italian and talk in English, but-

Marco: Yeah, for as well.

Enrico: The podcast is in English and you know the format. We have five minutes and three questions for you. The first one is about the new product that you have launched way back now in December if I remember. And which is particularly focused on public and private clouding interoperability. Can you give us an idea about it’s capabilities and advantages for end users.

Marco: Yes, of course, Zerto, by design is able to support long distance disaster recovering project as you know, but our goal is try to support this kind of approach in a mixed environment in terms of [improviser 00:01:09] and access to any kind of resources that you can have in a private or public environment as well. Interoperability in our vision is the key for the future in terms resource utilization. Zerto has the continuity of cloud continuity platform, that help end users to move loads in different types deployment … private, hybrid or public, with the same level of security and integration with multiple improviser.

We can guarantee the best approach in terms of technology and costed savings for the DR site purpose. We don’t need that you double the resources. For example in a public cloud approach or with the minor service provider approach, with Zerto you don’t have to at the same level of expense that you have to provide for the primary side. You can have the different approach in terms of disaster recovery side. You can have a cheaper solution, and you don’t have to double resources in a standard deployment where two sides owned by the same end user, you will need to double expenses. With this kind of approach, you don’t need to have these kind of resources in place. These could be a very affordable solution for disaster recovery, and no more barriers to deploy this kind of approach, for every kind of customer in mixed environment with the improviser that you want to choose for your needs.

Enrico: Yeah, and one of the most interesting things about your product, is that ISPs are using it provide disaster recoveries service. But what is the level of control provider to each single tenant? Do they have the ability to be 100% independent from the intervention of the ISPs? Other [foreign language 00:03:10] practice.

Marco: Yes, sure. Zerto is able to support multi-tenancy by design in a disaster recovery as a service deployment, or if you have a complex infrastructure for an end user that needs to have a separation between different business units. We are able to guarantee that every customer or every business unit is able to manage on their own, the disaster recovery project and the disaster recovery path, without any impact on the disaster recovery as a service company. Because we can provide to the administrators a dedicated portal, that is possible to leverage in order to manage disaster recovery approach. And we can guarantee with our technology that every end user, has a kind of segregation in terms of networking their resources at improviser level.

We can guarantee our dedicated piece of our technology that called ZCC; Zerto Cloud Connector, that is able to segregate resources in terms of networking at the improviser level. There is no possibility that customer “A” is able to interact with customer “B”. And this is the most important approach that we have to guarantee in terms of security, and this is one of the best thing that has been approved by disaster recovery as a service company about Zerto. They are very happy about this kind of approach, because they can choose if they want to give to the end user the opportunity to manage 100% of the project, or if they want to manage the project on their own and so the service to the end user.

Enrico: Oh [inaudible 00:05:10] really interesting. I have another question for you and it’s … I am really curious to know what will happen next for Zerto? What we can expect in the future from you.

Marco: Yes, for sure we will continue to invest and support VMware, Ipava and Amazon deployment. We are doing right now with the full Dot Zero version. But as you know, Zerto is technology partner of many vendors and in particular innovative players like [inaudible 00:05:45]. We will continue to develop new feature to support the adoption of the best solution available in this market, without any restriction in terms of data protection for their purpose. Our support in terms of improviser will increase in the next few months. We will have in road map, new improviser supported and new cloud platform as well. In a short term’s view, I can see that the [coverages 00:06:16] between disaster recovery and the cloud protection will increase.

Our feature will grow in terms of standard protection in terms of backup as you know, Zerto was designed as a solution mainly focused on disaster recovery, but we can have even some feature for the backup and maybe in the near future, there will be this kind of convergency between these two kind of approach and these two kind of protection for the data.

In terms of me the long term view, we want to protect the data in every way that is possible 360 degrees, so we can see a world with no restriction in terms of data [management 00:07:02], in terms of improviser and platform. We want to extend the concept of cloud continuity platform, and in terms of control of the load of the application for complex services. This is the main goal that we would like to achieve during the next quarters.

Enrico: Great. Thank you very much Marco. And just the last quick questions. Where we can find Zerto on internet and twitter.

Marco: Yes, you can find our account ZertoCorp, or of course you can find us in our website of course.

Enrico: Good. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

Marco: Thanks Enrico.

Enrico: Thanks to you.