Just like every year, August marks the appointment with the most sought-after industry event of the year: VMworld!

This will surely be one of the most exciting VMworlds since years, rumors say that there is going to be a huge product announcement, and recent acquisitions such as DynamicOps and (especially) Nicira will give the right ‘kick’ to the keynote and will keep the geek horde happily buzzing along πŸ™‚

This year I will participate in a Tech Field Day roundtable discussion sponsored by Scale Computing, the guys at Scale will have a really cool product launch during VMworld so make sure to check ’em out while you’re there.

My schedule is tight-packed already but if you wish to meet up just drop me a message on twitter or show up at the bloggers lounge.

DISCLAIMER:Scale sponsored a Tech Field Day Roundtable at VMworld, and Gestalt IT used this money to pay for my flight and accommodation while VMware provided me a Blogger pass for the event. Both VMware and Scale Computing did not ask for, nor did they receive any consideration for this article.