One of the things I love the most about my job is the interaction with end users. I’ve always believed that to be able to comment on market and technology trends I must look at what really happens in the field, with people applying the technology to real life. This is why in my career, in a way or another, I’ve always tried to be in touch with end users.

With my first blog it was easy because I was a system integrator at that time, and a consultant later on. But after that, as my activity as a blogger and analyst grew, I was worried to loose grip on the real world. This is why I started organizing events like Juku unplugged and Tech unplugged. They were quite successful initiatives and we always managed to have a full house of enthusiastic IT pros, end users and vendors talking about their experiences. And the feedback was always good. Not a bad result considering that everything was done only via word-of-mouth marketing!

My goal was always the same – to bring value and get back first hand insights. And I always thought that the success of these events was about the benefits everybody saw in sharing and talking about interesting stories. This time we wanted to take it a step further, trying to bring even more value. I joined my forces with Federica Monsone and A3 Communications to add professionalism to enthusiasm in building something that can really make a difference and bring the best possible content to attendees!

Introducing Exchange Live!

On May 16, 2019 we will be hosting our first Exchange Live!

Exchange Live! Is something totally new and exciting based on experiences, ideas and networking. A one-day event where end users share and talk about their stories with others.

No product pitching by vendors, only end users on the stage talking about new technology adoption, migrations, their projects, choices they’ve made to make different technologies live together and much more. The focus of the event is to bring end users together with a lot of interactive sessions and networking moments.

The day is organized in 8 sessions, each one followed by a Q&A time and additional networking moments planned throughout the day.

How to attend and contribute

End users, influencers, journalists and analysts can attend for free by registering at this link. Vendor employee fees are set at £200. The event will be hosted in a hotel close to Paddington Station (we are currently finalizing the last details and there will be an update on this in the following days).

At the same time, if you think you’ve had an interesting experience lately, and want to share and discuss it with other IT pros, this is the right place! The agenda is already filling up very quickly, but there is still room for a great story or two. Join us on stage and contribute with your story and useful educative content. As already mentioned, we are looking for interesting stories and experiences in the IT space. We will help you to build the presentation and every presenter will receive a €500 Amazon voucher as a token of appreciation for his/her time.

How to sponsor Exchange Live!

If you are a vendor and like the format, there is a very simple way to contribute to Exchange Live! Just let us know about one interesting case history and if your customer is available to tell their story directly to other end users, half of the work is done already. We’ve designed our sponsoring package to be as simple as possible and aligned to the philosophy of this event. We’re sure you’ll like it.
Please contact to get all the info, but hurry… sponsoring slots are very limited and they are in high demand already.

Closing the circle

Exchange Live will be held in London, close to Paddington station, on 16/5/2019. Seating is limited and registration is open and a preliminary agenda will follow in the following days. If you want to attend a different type of event where ideas, experiences and networking are at the center of the stage, this is the event for you! Hurry to register and join us!

We are looking for interesting stories that can increase the value of the day. If you think you have one, just let me know by messaging me on Twitter or via email

If you are a vendor and interested in sponsoring just ping us on and we’ll let you know more about it.

That’s all folks, sign up on the form down below and see you in London on the 16th of May!