IMG_20150422_093920Here we go with 2016! And the year already looks promising.

2015 came to a close with some interesting news (like the Solidfire acquisition by NetApp and Nutanix filing for IPO), but it’s time to look ahead and what could be better than information and the latest updates directly from the horse’s mouth?

In the first week of February, starting from the 2nd, two great and complementary events will be taking place in Austin: TECHunplugged and Tech Field Day 10. They are different in format, content and the way they can be attended… but both are definitely worth the time!

TECHunplugged (February 2)

TECHunplugged-image-AUSThe week starts with this small, but really interactive, conference reserved for end users only. Ten influencers will be on stage with 30 minute sessions talking about the latest trends in the IT industry from containers and DevOps to cloud, datacenter networking and next generation storage. The influencers’ presentations will be followed up by the point of view of selected sponsors, while open panels on the topics covered during the day will add even more value to the conversation.

TECHunplugged wants to be a source of valuable information, but also the opportunity for sharing different experiences and opinions, peer-to-peer networking and a point of contact between end users, influencers and vendors. All content will be recorded and shared with the community after the event.

And there is more! During the event and the evening after there will be a few special guests recording live podcasts.

Sponsors that have alrteady confirmed their presence are: DDN, Cloudian, Hedvig, Zerto, Pernix data, Violin Memory.

Tech Field Day 10 (February 3-5)

TFD-Logo-400x398This is a classic now!
I’m usually invited to attend the more specialized Storage Field Days but this time, at TFD, you’ll find a lot of storage as well and several startups working on new interesting concepts to build smarter infrastructures!

Caringo, Diablo Technologies, Platform 9, Rubrik, Solarwinds, VMTurbo have already been confirmed, with others joining soon!

I’m sure by now you are all familiar with this event. All the (2hr) sessions are streamed live and a small group of delegates is in charge of putting the presenter on the grill, asking the tough questions and wash out all the marketing to get any possible details about the technology, and how it is implemented in the product. You can attend live and interact through a twitter hashtag or watch the videos that are posted a few hours later. In any case, the follow up is always interesting with bloggers reporting and commenting on what they have learned during the sessions.

Three is better than two!

If two events in a week is not enough for you… don’t worry, we have something more to offer.
In the evening of February 2nd (just after TECHunplugged) we will be hosting an even more informal moment of networking A reception for all the IT professionals, friends and colleagues hanging in the Austin area who want to join us for some food, beers and chats about IT (or whatever! 😉 ). The location is still to be announced but stay tuned, it won’t take too long and we will publish all the details soon!

Closing the circle

What are you waiting for? Here are all the links for signing up and watching the events!

TECHunplugged: website, registration form, weekly newsletter with articles published by our presenters.
Tech Field Day: website, Youtube channel.

It is going to be a great week and I look forward to meeting you there to talk about the future of IT and share opinions.