Last week I wrote a rough tweet because I was sick of hearing complaints from a few of my customers about Dell’s Copilot support program here in Italy. I don’t know if the power of social networks is so strong or the right person was listening at the right time but Dell’s reaction has been amazing!

Long story short

In a few minutes I received DMs and personal emails asking me what’s is happening, a discussion began and eventually they promised to start an “internal investigation”. The next day I was contacted from an Italian Dell’s support representative who told me that he was writing a report for the international management team. The next day I was called by one of those managers.
He admitted to making some some mistakes and that the international copilot program was delayed by some small issues. Obviously he was very aware about my concerns and he confirmed that they are strongly committed to fixing problems and glitches. Small mistakes perhaps, but the kind of issues that could hurt customers who have personally experienced the legacy service (before the acquisition).
He assured me that the customers’ beloved copilot support program is healthy and that they are pushing to adopt it on other lines of business/products!

The moral of this story

Every one makes mistakes, no one is perfect (me neither, 😉 ), but such a strong reaction means that they are ready to listen and improve.
The fact that the first people who contacted me back were product and service managers at the higher levels (and one of them was a person from the “original” Compellent team) also has its importance and gave me an immediate positive feedback!

Kudos to Dell and its Copilot team for listening and reacting at the speed of light social networks.

Disclaimer: One of the companies I work for is a Dell/Compellent partner. Last year Dell was a sponsor of Juku Unplugged seminars. Dell also invited us to Dell storage forum events many times in the past few years.