On April 14, 2014, I’ll be attending the Dell Enterprise Forum in Frankfurt and finally I’ll have the chance to spend some time with the Dell people.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 14.30.52This is the first European Dell event, after last year’s buyout, and for me it will be a good opportunity to take an in-depth look at the vision and strategy of the company.

I’m sure that Mr. Dell’s renewed enthusiasm, the relentless acquisitions campaign and the agility of freedom (thanks to being a private company now), will bring us a lot of news and surprises this year.
I’m really looking forward to it!

Why it is important

Cloud, mobile computing, IT consumerization are dramatically changing the way IT is used and consumed by users. Dell, as well as other primary vendors, really need to find a long term sustainable strategy to stay competitive and survive.
It will be interesting to know their point of view.

Disclaimer: I was invited to this meeting by Dell and they paid for travel and accommodation, I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than the Juku team.