This is the last article of a short series of articles I wrote for Red Hat regarding object storage and Ceph. Free download to the rest of the papers is available here.


Enteprises are facing new challenges regarding storage infrastructures and data mobility. Basic characteristics of storage systems, like data protection, reliability and avaialability are common ground now, but the bar is raising again because users ask to access data from everywhere and any device. It’s not easy
to find a solution when scalability, performance and security are all involved at the same time. But this is
what end users want and, to make it sustainable, require a low $/GB.

The amount of data that must be stored safely and accessed from anywhere is growing exponentially. Now,
with IT organizations implementing multiple cloud strategies, finding a future-proof platform capable of
serving different workloads simultanuosuly, to local and remote locations, is even more challenging.

In this context, content distribution is no longer a function relegated to a few large streaming and telco operators. We are now entering a new phase where content distribution is becoming essential for any kind of
organization that manages large file and media repositories. Industry-wide, the focus is quickly shifting from storing data safely and efficiently, which is now taken for granted, to distributing and sharing it quickly and safely.

Do you want to read more? Free download to the rest of this paper is available here. Enjoy the read!