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New Paper: Syneto Storage OS, ZFS power and ease of use combined

After last month’s article on Syneto and its Storage OS I started a collaboration with the company and this is the report I prepared for them with the full review of the product and the features explained. You know, I’m a fan of anything coming from from Sun Solaris… and this one is not an exception! In fact, just in case you haven’t heard yet, Syneto Storage OS is OpenZFS based solution built on top of Illumos (a fork of Open Solaris). I invite you to read the paper and download the fully functional free VSA (a Virtual Storage...

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Syneto: a pleasant surprise

A few days ago I spent a couple of hours with Syneto, a small European storage vendor who is developing ZFS based storage appliances. I have to admit that I was skeptical before this meeting, but eventually I really enjoyed the conversation and the product demo under many aspects. First of all, European! Syneto is based in Europe with offices in Italy and Romania. The CEO, Marco Lorenzi, is in Italy with sales and marketing teams while the R&D is led by Dan Văcta (CTO) and, Vadim Comănescu (VP of engineering) in Romania. We are talking about a small...

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News and thoughts from Next Gen Storage Summit

I’m here in the Airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and I’m trying to refocus on the chats that I had this week at the Next Gen Storage Summit. Some news HDS impressed me more than any of the others. Especially because they are usually seen as a very traditional vendor. On the contrary, in this particular case, the development of their Object Storage platform ecosystem is becoming consistent and promising. They know their flaws and they are working in the right direction to overcome them. I’m also pretty sure that their Enterprise DNA helps when it’s...

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