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Primary vendors’ flash storage at glance

Now that the dust has settled after last week’s announcement from EMC, we can have a look at what the market is offering for 100% flash storage from primary vendors. The approaches differ a lot from one to the other, and some are still struggling with reshuffled products that can hardly be compared with others… but, that said, I’m going to list (in strict alphabetical order) all the primary vendors and their solutions to give the reader a very brief idea of what is happening. Dell Dell’s flagship storage system is Compellent. The latest version of the controllers has...

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three thoughts on EMC and XtremeIO

Last week, EMC bought XtremeIO (an israeli Startup developing a 100% scale-out SSD storage, here a link to their website) for 420M$. This acquisition, less important than many others in EMC history (at least in terms of dollars), gave me the spin to write this post. SSD arrays are getting traction Well, this acquisition gives us the final proof that there is a lot of interest about SSD Arrays. Flash Arrays (Flash only) are a new market segment under the spotlight of end users and primary vendors. We often write about SSD storage startups and there are a lot...

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