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My last work as independent analyst has been published

This week, my last work as an independent analyst was finally published. The title is: “Sector Roadmap: Object storage for enterprise capacity-driven workloads“. It was completed in December, before knowing I was going to join OpenIO. But It took some time to see the light because of Gigaom’s publishing schedule. It’s about Object Storage (of course, what else could it be about? 😉 ), but it’s not about webscale installations or S3. It covers traditional enterprises, how they use object stores, and the trends for use cases that are surfacing right now in these types of organisations. I put...

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New Paper: Object Storage as a Backup Target

Just a quick note to inform you about a new paper I wrote on object storage with Howard Marks. It’s the first time I’ve worked with my friend Howard and his company DeepStorage.net… and I think we had a great time collaborating together, but evaluating the results is up to you! Here the link for the free download, please post your comments. The paper “Object Storage as a Backup Target”, was commissioned by HGST and is divided into two sections. In the first one I talk about object storage and make a comparison with VTL libraries. The target is...

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New White Paper: Cloudian delivers object storage for next generation infrastructures

Last May I started a collaboration with Cloudian, a startup with a really interesting product in the Object Storage space (a field that I’m very interested in!). I finally had the chance to write a paper for them (here the link for the free download) and we will host a webinar together on 14th of October to discuss about object storage and next generation storage infrastructures (and you are invited, of course). The executive summary of the paper follows, just to give you a hint of the content: Traditional storage infrastructures are not designed to cope with emerging business...

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