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Your next (big) VTL? it will probably be a S3 storage

In case you missed it, many backup softwares are already supporting both on-premises and public S3 repositories (object storage) as target for backup jobs. Others will be joining this trend soon. Object storage is perfect for backups and the capabilities offered by the latest versions of available products make this type of storage a good solution for short and long term backups. Two pillars As you probably already know, I’m strongly convinced that the future of enterprise storage will be sustained by two pillars: AFA (and hyper-converged AFA systems) on one side, and object storage on the other (here...

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What I like about the latest FalconStor annoucement

A few days ago FalconStor announced a new solution based on two of its products: VTL (Virtual tape Library) and FDS (File-interface Deduplication System). It’s called Optimized Backup & Deduplication 8.0 (it’s clear that imagination doesn’t live here! 😉 ). The product itself is an evolution of something that was already available but there is something more that makes me think about and confirms a certain evolution in backup products. Two words on FalconStor FalconStor, founded in 2000, has a long and troubled history but at the same time has good products and, lately, it has been showing increased...

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HP StoreOnce VSA: not a killer but a cool product!

Yesterday, after the launch of 3PAR StoreServ 7450, David Scott announced a second product: StoreOnce VSA. What is it? StoreOnce is a series of VTLs (virtual tape libraries) with all the features that you can expect from these kind of enterprise products: deduplication, remote replication, scalability and so on. The features that I love the most about them are the scale-out capabilities, federation and the ability to enable, through a software option, deduplication at the client side too (useful to optimize network traffic and speed up backups). Use case The StoreOnce VSA is the second VSA (virtual storage appliance)...

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