VMware VSAN, When good enough becomes very good

Last week I attended SFD9 and the last session of the week was with VMware about VSAN 6.2. This post is not a review of the product or an analysis about single features, there are plenty of them already. In this article I’d like to talk about what a product like VSAN 6.2 means for the entire SDS/HCI market. 6.2 The new version was launched a few weeks ago and it’s an evolution of the product originally launched less than 2 years ago (VSAN follows vSphere version numbering, which means this is actually version 2.2 and not 6.2). But...

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Juku.beats 26: Duncan Epping talks about VSAN

In this Episode I’m with Duncan Epping (Chief Technologist at VMware) and we talk about: – An update about VSAN – Most common use cases – What’s up next The episode was recoded live at the VMUGIT Usercon in Milan. Audio quality is not excellent but I think the content is pretty clear. Enjoy the podcast! If you want to know more about this topic, I’ll be presenting at next TECHunplugged conference in Austin on 2/2/16. A one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure with an innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized...

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VMware VSAN… and the missed opportunity

One of the most interesting (among the few) announcements at VMworld was regarding VSAN 6.1. The product is quickly maturing and new features are being added version after version (here what’s new). And the product promises to be even better (with erasure coding and dedupe coming up in the next version!). Even though some of the features could easily be disputable, like the 2-node cluster for ROBO (with its workarounds to make it work), VSAN is becoming a competitive product… And the fact that VMware owns all the stack makes this solution even more appealing from the simplification and...

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Rumors, strategies and facts about Hyper-converged

A few weeks ago I attended SFD7. Most of the conversations we had during the event where about hyper-converge. And we had at least three meetings where hyper-convergence was at the center of the stage: Maxta, Springpath and VMware. The market is very active, to say the least, and still in a very effervescently expanding phase. VMware has something to say… VMware is doing a great job with VSAN, both from a technical and marketing perspective. In fact, the product is still (far) behind its competitors under many technical aspects but the maturity process is very fast. The first...

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VMware: it’s tough being the leader

Yesterday I read about Tegile supporting Microsoft Windows environments (SMB3, SCVMM, ODX) and last week’s news from Tintri looked very much the same. These are only two examples, but the list of vendors which are quick to give their support to SMB3 and Hyper-V is getting longer day by day. My perception is that VMware, while trying to expand its sphere of influence and dominate the Data Center, is at risk of building a colossus with shaky foundations… Let me explain my POV. SDDC, Cloud and user computing Vmware is the leader of the server virtualization market, but can...

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