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3PAR: $2/GB doesn’t tell the whole story

I’m sitting in the HP Discover blogger lounge trying to focus on what I’ve learned in the last two days, but my Jet lag isn’t helping much. In any case, the most interesting announcement of the week is the one that came from HP 3PAR (from the storage POV, at least). The story In a single word: deduplication. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Arrays, by means of a software upgrade, can now enable deduplication and thanks to the ASIC, with no visible performance impact. The feature will be released later on other arrays of the family (and hopefully for...

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Storage is changing, thinking about a new strategy

Today’s business needs are quickly changing. IT is in charge of the infrastructure that should serve these needs but traditional approaches are no longer aligned with the requests. It’s not about what works and what doesn’t, it’s all about TCA and TCO: the way you buy infrastructure (storage in this case), provision, access and manage it. If it is true that cost reduction is on top of the list of every IT manager, than we should take a look at what drives that cost up and find new strategies to work on the root of the problem. SDS and...

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In-memory storage makes sense

In a very conservative world, like data storage used to be, we have been seeing a lot of revolutions lately! Flash for speed, huge disks fighting against tapes for capacity and long-term archiving and software to glue them all together creating new ways to access and manage data. But it seems it’s not enough. In the next few weeks we will be hearing some interesting announcements about in-memory storage… DRAM based storage? does it make sense? Will it be another revolution or just another feature? In-memory means (much) more speed In-memory storage is nothing new. In-memory DBs are becoming...

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HP Discover: No news, good news!

I’m seating here in the airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and trying to reorganize my thoughts about this last HP Discover. Well… no news: no bombastic announcements here although there are many interesting developments to mull over. I’ll pass on commenting about “converged systems” (I do not like primary vendors’ approach in this field) but, if you are interested, you can follow the link and find a very good deep dive article from Chris Wahl. 3PAR The 7450 model, a product which I’ve already talked about, has received an important firmware upgrade and it’s now able...

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Report: A hyper-converged infrastructure for the rest of us from HP

It’s finally here! I’m glad to be publishing this report during the first day of HP Discover in Barcelona. This is a “down to earth report”, focusing more on value rather than the tech side and its benefits. I think it best to introduce this paper by starting off with the executive summary that can be found at the beginning of the report: “End users of all kinds are continuously looking at solutions aimed to reducing the complexity and to drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT infrastructures. Especially in the SMB space, where resources...

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