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…but Pure Storage Flash Array is more than an EMC VNX

Last week I wrote a piece titled “Is SolidFire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?” where I’ve compared SolidFire to the EMC VMAX (a very successful post indeed) and I ended it wondering about Pure Storage and comparing it to the EMC VNX. I would like to add something more to that statement and clarify my point of view. What is the VNX? If you work in the IT, you probalby know… but, just to stay on the safe side, I ‘ll give you a brief run down. The EMC VNX2 is the last incarnation of a product born...

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Primary vendors’ flash storage at glance

Now that the dust has settled after last week’s announcement from EMC, we can have a look at what the market is offering for 100% flash storage from primary vendors. The approaches differ a lot from one to the other, and some are still struggling with reshuffled products that can hardly be compared with others… but, that said, I’m going to list (in strict alphabetical order) all the primary vendors and their solutions to give the reader a very brief idea of what is happening. Dell Dell’s flagship storage system is Compellent. The latest version of the controllers has...

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EMC VNX: no news, good news?

The whole storage world already knows about the next big announcement EMC planned for january the 18th, they are sending invitations (might be referred to as SPAM), doing web advertising, tweets, etc. to get the attention for what they call the “record breaking” event. not really a piece of news The most important part of the announcement will likely be about the evolution of their two midrange storage families (Clariion SANs and Celerra NASs) in a single products line called VNX. All customers (and partners) are waiting for this upgrade since ages but the party was partially ruined from the leak of information in the last week:...

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