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Back at work… and traveling!

This is my first work day back after a few weeks of vacation… fully recharged for what I’m expecting will be the most interesting period since I’ve joined OpenIO! In the next four months, between now and the end of the year, we’ll be announcing a lot of new stuff: not only a new SDS version, but also partnerships, new case studies, exciting marketing programs, community efforts and more (but I can’t spill the beans yet). The team is growing (and working) like crazy – the excitement is palpable, and this is the kind of energy I was looking...

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Should I go to VMworld this year?

Last February I started working for OpenIO (an Object storage startup) and a lot of things have changed in my working life. One of the most interesting differences is that I need to stay closer to my potential customers, hence I’ve been attending different industry events than the ones I used to in the past. In the last six months I haven’t attended a single-vendor show (some of them are actually organized by competitors and, in other cases, there is no reason because our products are thought up for different market segments) and I’ve also missed events reserved for...

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Thoughts from VMworld 2016. Is VMware becoming synonymous of legacy?

I love the VMworld, as I do VMare. In the last few years VMworld has been “the IT show” if the infrastructure space is your thing. Still today, a large majority of storage and networking companies participate with a booth and some sort of news about integrations between their platforms and VMware products (although less than usual). Something is changing and it is changing very quickly. However, it is clear that something is changing and it is changing very quickly. Dell-EMC deal First of all we are still in the middle of the Dell/EMC acquisition. This obviously doesn’t help,...

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OpenStack made simple (finally!)

Last week, thanks to Tech Field Day, I got to meet up with Platform 9 again. I’ve already talked about them in the past but I can’t refrain from doing so again. Platform 9 is doing a brilliant job and it makes Openstack easier to adopt. Openstack is pure complexity There are few ways to adopt Openstack and they are all a pain in the neck. Depending on your size and needs, it ranges from downloading the source and giving it to a team of engineers and developers to buying it fully baked as a managed cloud. Either way,...

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VMware VSAN… and the missed opportunity

One of the most interesting (among the few) announcements at VMworld was regarding VSAN 6.1. The product is quickly maturing and new features are being added version after version (here what’s new). And the product promises to be even better (with erasure coding and dedupe coming up in the next version!). Even though some of the features could easily be disputable, like the 2-node cluster for ROBO (with its workarounds to make it work), VSAN is becoming a competitive product… And the fact that VMware owns all the stack makes this solution even more appealing from the simplification and...

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