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Server-side caching is really hot!

Almost a year ago I wrote a piece about server-side caching, wondering if it was a mere feature or something more. After this VMworld it is pretty clear that server-side caching is quickly maturing and is a really interesting area to look at, not just for what it does today but for what we have to expect tomorrow… especially from the virtualization perspective. The basics Server-side caching is a technique to speed up data access by adding a local cache to the server (usually RAM or Flash) that sits in between the data path. Depending on its implementation it...

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VMworld 2014, first impression

VMworld (day 1) in a single word? good! I’m here in the Hang Space at VMWorld trying to rest a little after the first day of sessions and meetings. Following is a wrap up and commentary of what I saw today. EVO EVO is the VMware’s hyper-converged play. In practice, it’s not a product but a reference architecture. Pre-certificed pieces of a Software-defined Data Center that you can buy from selected hardware partners. The EVO:RAIL (the single server appliance + VMware software) is already available while the EVO:RACK (a fully configured rack of equipment) is still in the works....

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Dell/Nutanix OEM deal is all about being relevant (but there is more)

You’re probably already aware that Dell and Nutanix have signed an OEM agreement, and from now on Dell will be able to build hyper-converged solutions leveraging Nutanix’s software. This comes with consequences and implications, especially because I have a hunch this is the first of a series of moves we’ll be seeing in the coming months. The deal Long story short, Nutanix produces a really efficient VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance) with dedupe, snaps, remote replica, and many other features. It can be used in conjunction with ESXi, HyperV or KVM. The product is packaged with servers and sold as...

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VMware: it’s tough being the leader

Yesterday I read about Tegile supporting Microsoft Windows environments (SMB3, SCVMM, ODX) and last week’s news from Tintri looked very much the same. These are only two examples, but the list of vendors which are quick to give their support to SMB3 and Hyper-V is getting longer day by day. My perception is that VMware, while trying to expand its sphere of influence and dominate the Data Center, is at risk of building a colossus with shaky foundations… Let me explain my POV. SDDC, Cloud and user computing Vmware is the leader of the server virtualization market, but can...

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DaaS, the right companion for IaaS

After last Amazon’s Re:invent I was thrilled by the announcement of WorkSpaces and I immediately signed up for a demo account. I also wrote an article (in Italian) where I expressed all my love for the idea of putting together servers and PCs in the the cloud. But it hasn’t actually happened yet! In fact Amazon, after the announcement, didn’t open a demo account nor any kind of communication. Last week, after mentioning it in August (at VMWorld), VMware has done what it promised. Or, at least, they have their Horizon DaaS in public beta. I promptly applied for...

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