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Load Dynamix and Virtual Instruments, the sum is more than the parts

A couple of weeks ago I was briefed by Load Dynamix about the upcoming merger between Virtual Instruments and Load Dynamix. I think it’s a great move, they are highly complementary to each other and the sum of their technology/products is more than just a mathematical addition. Who are LD and VI? These two companies are not familiar to most of the customers but are quite popular in the high end and among vendors. LD is all about performance benchmarking. It’s like having an IOZone on steroids. It’s actually an oversimplification, but gives you the idea of what they...

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A trip to London (Virtual Instruments and A3ITQT)

Last week I had the chance to attend the first A3 communications IT Question Time, in that occasion I also got the opportunity to have a little chat with John W Thompson (CEO of Virtual Instruments). It was like killing two birds with one stone. About the roundtable The good thing about this event was that Federica Monsone (the organizer) packed a room with Pundits (Analysts, journalists, bloggers and the likes), a SNIA representative and a few IT companies (Pure Storage, Virtual Instruments, CA, NCE) for a two hour meeting chaired by Martin Glassborow (aka @storagebod). We went though...

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