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SanDisk’s organic growth (and flash commoditization)

SanDisk is purchasing Fuision-IO for a $1.1B. This is the last of an interesting series of acquisitions and offers some interesting implications regarding the future of the enterprise flash memory market. About SanDisk and Fusion-IO SanDisk, which I recently met with during Storage Field Day 5, is well known to the public for its consumer products (like the USB memory sticks or the SD cards for your camera) but they are also one of the primary OEM vendors for enterprise storage array suppliers. In recent years many new products and technology have been added to their portfolio (some of...

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Server-side caching: Holy grail or mere feature?

Flash storage is amazingly fast but it doesn’t come cheap! On the opposite side, using flash memory on the server is relatively cheap and superlatively fast but lacks in reliability and availability. Server-side caching allows for designing a fast storage solution based on traditional shared storage with the performance of flash memory. In recent months we’ve seen the birth of many new companies working on it, but how many of them will actually survive? and if so, how? What is it? A cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests can be served faster. The...

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Storage Field Day 4: It’s going to be a storage blast!

So, here we go again, next week I’ll be attending one of the best industry events on storage: Storage Field Day 4. The event This one is part of a wider group of vertical events (others are about virtualization, networking and wireless) reserved for bloggers and organized by Stephen Foskett and his team. The best of this event, apart the constant good hospitality and the value of other delegates, is the quality of technical stuff you can find during the sponsor sessions. Usually, most of the sessions are managed by CTOs or other technical people involved in product development...

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