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Violin is showing something new (not only the Windows Flash Array)

A few days ago Violin finally released a new, and very cool, solution that integrates its All-Flash array with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2. The product, called Windows Flash Array (WFA) provides a huge amount of IOPS as well as all the advanced features usually found on Windows Server. Violin is changing I’ve never had very kind words for Violin (here and here a couple of examples). All the briefs I had with them in the past turned out badly, not from the technology point of view (which is good from the hardware perspective) but rather from the...

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Some thoughts about flash storage (and why $ 150M!)

Last week I read two interesting pieces of news: Violin has finally filled for the IPO and PureStorage has raised the astonishing amount of $ 150M! You can find a very good article about it from Chris Evans in his blog and I would like to add something more to his analysis. SSD market is maturing It’ clear that something is happening and it’s happening very fast. The storage landscape is evolving very quickly and SSD has become a viable choice for many Tier1 applications. Costs are continuously going down for many different reasons but the most important are:...

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Violin Memory: a story about Ferrari and Miami Vice

Last week I was invited to the IT Press Tour and one of the meeting we had was with Violin Memory and its Executives team. My personal feeling about this two hour brief was very strange. Theoretically I could write great things about Violin but, in practice, Don Basilio (CEO) left a bitter taste in my mouth. About the Ferrari Violin Memory is a startup based in the Silicon Valley that produces Flash based storage arrays. It’s very well financed and they are targeting an IPO for the end of the year. Actually, they are the most important flash...

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