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VeeamON: A good show at its 1.0 version (but there is much more)

I’m currently attending VeeamON in Las Vegas. The green colored company, which is hosting its first show for partners and customers, has done a good job. Yes, there is space for improvement (especially on how manage a specific blogger track) but I’m sure that the feedback will help them to do even better next year. About the show Veeam has managed to bring some real good stuff here. The CEO’s keynote presentation done in an interview-style fashion, was brilliant and it helped Ratmir Timashev be more comfortable on stage (he looked quite nervous but with the help of the...

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VeeamON is around the corner… are you ready for it?

At the beginning of October I’ll be attending the first VeeamON in Las Vegas. I usually don’t accept invites from single product companies (which means a long journey to the US for me) but for Veeam it is slightly different. (BTW, they are not a single product company, even if it’s indisputable that they are mostly known for their backup suite) Why I’m attending I admire Veeam for being capable of innovating in a field that is all but sexy! In fact, in case you aren’t already informed, Veeam leads the market of backup solutions for virtualized infrastructures with...

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