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VMware: it’s tough being the leader

Yesterday I read about Tegile supporting Microsoft Windows environments (SMB3, SCVMM, ODX) and last week’s news from Tintri looked very much the same. These are only two examples, but the list of vendors which are quick to give their support to SMB3 and Hyper-V is getting longer day by day. My perception is that VMware, while trying to expand its sphere of influence and dominate the Data Center, is at risk of building a colossus with shaky foundations… Let me explain my POV. SDDC, Cloud and user computing Vmware is the leader of the server virtualization market, but can...

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DaaS, the right companion for IaaS

After last Amazon’s Re:invent I was thrilled by the announcement of WorkSpaces and I immediately signed up for a demo account. I also wrote an article (in Italian) where I expressed all my love for the idea of putting together servers and PCs in the the cloud. But it hasn’t actually happened yet! In fact Amazon, after the announcement, didn’t open a demo account nor any kind of communication. Last week, after mentioning it in August (at VMWorld), VMware has done what it promised. Or, at least, they have their Horizon DaaS in public beta. I promptly applied for...

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Bye Bye VDI… Welcome DaaS!

You know, I’m not a fan of VDI. That’s not because it isn’t theoretically cool but because it practically sucks! All vendors, especially storage ones, promote a recipe for a cheap VDI infrastructure but, when it comes to real life, limits, constraints (and Microsoft licenses costs) are as many (and irritating) as a swarm of bees and the only thought that comes to your mind is to stay well away from it. There are (a few) exceptions I also know that there are exceptions to what I’ve just said (so please don’t jump up to say that I’m totally...

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R.I.P. Sun Ray

That’s bad news for me! Sun Ray will cease to exist soon. In the early 2000s we (me and my former colleague Fabio) managed some successful projects with Sun Rays but then it became more and more complicated to support end users and we left. I know, nowadays it is quite an unusable product. But It the ’90s and early 2000s it was a great piece of technology, ahead of its time. End users appreciated it for the security, ease of management and resiliency of the environment. It’s not a coincidence that first customers were banks and the army....

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This is the year of VDI!

Obviously, I’m kidding. But, in the last months, I heard, on a daily basis, of new VDI projects (true projects, not PoCs) driven by the enterprise tablets iPad adoption! It’s not difficult to find a Manager asking to access his desktop (and relative enterprise applications) while traveling. Many times there are vertical applications (i.e. some ERP clients) available only on Microsoft Windows environments… and they need those applications to do their daily job. Well, these are small deployments (usually tens of clients): a niche in the niche, with no serious impact on the virtualized infrastructure… but they are growing....

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