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Dell/Nutanix OEM deal is all about being relevant (but there is more)

You’re probably already aware that Dell and Nutanix have signed an OEM agreement, and from now on Dell will be able to build hyper-converged solutions leveraging Nutanix’s software. This comes with consequences and implications, especially because I have a hunch this is the first of a series of moves we’ll be seeing in the coming months. The deal Long story short, Nutanix produces a really efficient VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance) with dedupe, snaps, remote replica, and many other features. It can be used in conjunction with ESXi, HyperV or KVM. The product is packaged with servers and sold as...

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Comment: Cisco should hit harder, or give up… (about storage)

Yesterday I read this article by Chris Mellor on the register. I always find Chris’s comments reveal good insight need, and he raised an interesting point about the future of the all-CISCO integrated stack (UCS+NEXUS+Whiptail Invicta) but I too would like to put in my two cents. From my point of view, CISCO has two options here and neither of them are ideal. The scenario CISCO has, if not the best at least one of the best, server infrastructure products out there and the integration between it and its networking stuff makes the solution very appealing to a certain...

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