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S3 object storage on Digital Ocean with Scality’s S3server

Two weeks ago, at VMworld, I had the pleasure to attend TFDx and the first session of the day was with Scality. During the session they spent most of the time talking about their new S3Server, which I like and already covered in the past. Use cases for this exciting piece of software are innumerable, and today I want to give you a practical example. You know, I’m no longer a hands-on guy (for a long time now :/) but I still have a few VM instances here and there to do experiments and, some time, test software. Digital...

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Thoughts from VMworld 2016. Is VMware becoming synonymous of legacy?

I love the VMworld, as I do VMare. In the last few years VMworld has been “the IT show” if the infrastructure space is your thing. Still today, a large majority of storage and networking companies participate with a booth and some sort of news about integrations between their platforms and VMware products (although less than usual). Something is changing and it is changing very quickly. However, it is clear that something is changing and it is changing very quickly. Dell-EMC deal First of all we are still in the middle of the Dell/EMC acquisition. This obviously doesn’t help,...

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OpenStack made simple (finally!)

Last week, thanks to Tech Field Day, I got to meet up with Platform 9 again. I’ve already talked about them in the past but I can’t refrain from doing so again. Platform 9 is doing a brilliant job and it makes Openstack easier to adopt. Openstack is pure complexity There are few ways to adopt Openstack and they are all a pain in the neck. Depending on your size and needs, it ranges from downloading the source and giving it to a team of engineers and developers to buying it fully baked as a managed cloud. Either way,...

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Back on track! #VMworld, #TFDx and #TECHunplugged

Here we go again! Summer holidays are over (for me, at least) and I’m gearing up for a very hot September! There are a lot of interesting things usually happening in September and this is the month when everyone starts to look at the last Q of the year. On my side, I’ll be hitting the road again collecting and sharing information as well as working on new ideas… VMworld and TFDx First stop at VMworld. It has become the crucial event to attend if you work in the IT industry. And It’s no longer only for Vmware end...

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The best (cloud) infrastructure? It is managed from the cloud!

Private cloud infrastructures suck! They cost a lot, are hard to maintain and for enterprises it’s quite impossibile to keep up with the features that its developers are used to seeing on public clouds like AWS. But for many different reasons, ranging from regulations to strategy, private clouds are still the preferred choice for many organizations. I think most vendors have started to acknowledge this problem and now there are solutions out there beginning to show interesting ways to address the needs of being Private with the ease of the Public. It’s not the “classic hybrid cloud” though, where...

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