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Are you going All-Flash? Nah, the future is hybrid

But it will be an All-Flash Hybrid. And, you know this can’t be considered a prediction. It’s just a fact. If you look around, a large part of the vendors are craving for Intel’s 3D Xpoint memory and this will be the next tier 0 (or cache) for many newly designed storage arrays. 3D Xpoint in short Intel 3D Xpoint is a new class of memory which sits in the middle between RAM and Flash. It’s persistent (like Flash), fast (not like RAM, but much faster than Flash), dense (again, not like Flash, but more than RAM) and durable...

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Tegile: good product, good execution

I have to admit that, almost 3 years ago, when I met Tegile for the first time I was all but impressed. At that time they had presented themselves as another company with a ZFS-based appliance… and my first thought was “you won’t be going anywhere!”. I was very wrong indeed (perhaps it was just a bad presentation) and since then they have been coming up with good things from both the product side and the ability to execute points of view. ZFS-ish core Tegile is ZFS but not “everything-ZFS”. First of all they made it clear from day-1,...

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Hybrid is getting flashier… and more high-end

I’m sure you already know that Nimble has just launched a new hybrid array which is capable of addressing more flash memory. At the same time, other players, like Tegile for example, are presenting similar solutions or All-Flash Arrays which can be expanded with hard disks. This is a slight change compared to what has happened in the past; we are moving from a 1:10 Flash/HDD ratio to a 3:10 or, sometimes, a 5:10 ratio. What does it really mean? Efficiency for everyone Taking for granted all the data footprint reduction techniques available today, All-Flash arrays are still more...

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News and thoughts from Next Gen Storage Summit

I’m here in the Airport lounge waiting for my flight back home and I’m trying to refocus on the chats that I had this week at the Next Gen Storage Summit. Some news HDS impressed me more than any of the others. Especially because they are usually seen as a very traditional vendor. On the contrary, in this particular case, the development of their Object Storage platform ecosystem is becoming consistent and promising. They know their flaws and they are working in the right direction to overcome them. I’m also pretty sure that their Enterprise DNA helps when it’s...

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