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X-IO: Software-defined what?

X-IO, born in 2007 and based in Colorado Springs (CO), is the result of the fusion of XioTech and the Advanced Storage Architecture division of Seagate (yes, the Hard Disk vendor). It’s not a proper startup actually (XioTech was born in 1995) but it does have most of the characteristics, of which the most important seems to be innovation. In a world of Software-defined everything they have chosen just the opposite direction with a product that relies on a strong hardware architecture and few (if any) software frills… but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good solution for...

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Hey! Join us at the SDDC Symposium

The SDDC symposium in Santa Clara (CA) will be held on April 22, 2014, just before Storage Field Day 5 and in the same location of SNIA’s DSI. I’ve been invited to attend this event and I’m really looking forward to it! It will be a full day of presentations, panels, use cases and, of course, networking with other peers! SDDC is hot! The topic is really hot and the list of presenters, regarding both storage and networking, is extremely interesting This is the right kind of event for users who are looking to find useful information and to...

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QoS, the next feature you’ll be asking for

At the last Storage Field Day, two topics were discussed at almost every session: scale-out and QoS (Quality of Service). Ok about scale-out, we’ve been talking about its benefits, pros and cons for quite some time… but why is QoS so important? And why should you care about it? Scale-out is today Scale-out is something that is happening right now and you can find many scale-out solutions out there. Looking at the SFD4 event alone, I can mention Coho data, GridStore, Nimble Storage, Cleversafe, Avere systems, CloudByte and Overland. All of them have a scale-out storage, different implementations, different...

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Storage Field Day agenda and live streaming

As you probably know, next week I’m going to attend Storage Field Day 4 with other delegates. I’ve just received the online public agenda of the event and you can find the embedded live stream down below (a live stream box will be also available on the right side column of the blog for all the week). The event is very interesting and full of useful sessions, not only products but a lot of technology deep dives! I strongly suggest to take a look at the list of the vendors and try to pick up the most interesting to...

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Storage Field Day 4: It’s going to be a storage blast!

So, here we go again, next week I’ll be attending one of the best industry events on storage: Storage Field Day 4. The event This one is part of a wider group of vertical events (others are about virtualization, networking and wireless) reserved for bloggers and organized by Stephen Foskett and his team. The best of this event, apart the constant good hospitality and the value of other delegates, is the quality of technical stuff you can find during the sponsor sessions. Usually, most of the sessions are managed by CTOs or other technical people involved in product development...

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