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Storage is changing, thinking about a new strategy

Today’s business needs are quickly changing. IT is in charge of the infrastructure that should serve these needs but traditional approaches are no longer aligned with the requests. It’s not about what works and what doesn’t, it’s all about TCA and TCO: the way you buy infrastructure (storage in this case), provision, access and manage it. If it is true that cost reduction is on top of the list of every IT manager, than we should take a look at what drives that cost up and find new strategies to work on the root of the problem. SDS and...

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VSAs Everywhere! (and two words about Maxta)

Maxta is finally out of stealth mode, I was briefed by them a couple of weeks ago and I found the product really interesting, we are talking about a new VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance). This is one of those products that could gain a lot of attention from the end users and for a reason: if we look at our infrastructures we always find that most of the costs (both TCA and TCO) are attributed to storage and a VSA addresses those issues. Virtual Storage Appliances Everyone is looking for solutions in this space, especially people who currently deal...

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The difference between storage price and storage cost

Some weeks ago I met Dave Merril, who’s involved in “storage economy” in HDS. Dave is a totally amazing guy who can open up your mind, just with a whiteboard and a little time. I warmly suggest everyone to follow his blog. I already, many times indeed, wrote about the differencies between TCA and TCO, but I think it is still a prime time subject, and I’d like you to follow some reasonings about what I learned from Dave. the price-tag The price of storage hardware, I’m thinking of disks space and speed, cache size, connectivity, etc, is getting lower and...

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