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The next tape

And I’m not talking about a new tape standard, a new drive or a new library either! I’m talking about technology and software to make tapes more usable in this computing era. As I wrote in one of my recent posts, today the biggest problem with tape is that it is a sequential media in a world of random requests… but it sounds like Spectra Logic is working to change that! Tapes and object storage Two days ago, during the Spectra Summit in Denver (CO), Spectra Logic announced the new DS3 (Deep Simple Storage Service) and, as the name...

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Tapes, tapes and more tapes.

In this world of virtualization and clouds this piece of news about Spectralogic is quite interesting. Spectralogic posted a +9% year on year sales increase (and an impressive +14% about enterprise tape libraries sales!). I expect SpectraLogic will also announce something new next week (an integrated disk/tape product?) and I’ll be there to have the news straight from the horse’s mouth. I recently wrote a couple of blogs on the role of tapes and the evolution of disks (especially in the field of cold storage) and next week I’ll have access to more information to get more of a...

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