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This is the year of VDI!

Obviously, I’m kidding. But, in the last months, I heard, on a daily basis, of new VDI projects (true projects, not PoCs) driven by the enterprise tablets iPad adoption! It’s not difficult to find a Manager asking to access his desktop (and relative enterprise applications) while traveling. Many times there are vertical applications (i.e. some ERP clients) available only on Microsoft Windows environments… and they need those applications to do their daily job. Well, these are small deployments (usually tens of clients): a niche in the niche, with no serious impact on the virtualized infrastructure… but they are growing....

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Of Tablets and Enterprises

During these holidays I was going through some (very) old docs lying in my archive directory (there's stuff dating back 1996 in there) and one of the directories struck me immediately: "Wearable Computing". For those unfamiliar with this term, it's something that the industry tried to convince us we needed back in the late '90s, early '00s, where so-called visionaries envisioned that all the people of the future had to wear small personal computers (sometimes with glass-mounted HUD) to keep us, people of the future, always connected. Big names like MIT Media Lab and IBM Research invested (sometimes heavily)...

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