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Report: Leveraging Cloud Storage Technologies for Next Generation File Services

I’ve recently started a collaboration with CTERA, which has led to the writing of the paper I’m presenting here today. In this report I talk about the problematics of managing file and collaboration services in what I call the “dispersed enterprise” (you’ll find out more about that while reading the paper 😉 ) and I also describe why CTERA has a good solution to overcome the limits and constraints of traditional NAS-based storage infrastructures both in terms of agility and TCO. The paper is available here and you can also find the executive summary of the document down below....

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Taking control of data, not the devices!

Last Friday I was on a Call with Ty Lim (VP of marketing at Druva). We discussed his company and its vision and then, once again I got the confirmation that in modern organizations, controlling devices is less important than managing and controlling data. The landscape You know, the enterprise is broadly distributed now (we can even use the term “dispersed” in some cases): the mobile work force counts for the majority of the users. The number of devices is dramatically growing (3 devices per employee is often the new minimum) and Remote Offices need to be managed in...

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Beyond NAS (again)

I recently wrote a lot about Object Storage, NAS and sync&share gateways (and I should probably stop doing it, before this blog becomes mono thematic). I strongly believe in Object storage and I think that, in the long term, it can be the solution to correctly manage the huge amounts of data created every day by users. In the mean time we have to give immediate answers to the users while keeping with feet on the ground… Object storage… not now, not for everyone Unfortunately today many enterprises aren’t ready to manage a migration to an object storage platform...

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HCP Anywhere, one of those gateways… (2)

In my latest articles I have often mentioned that gateways are the power of object storage. Today HDS has announced a new piece of its object storage platform: a gateway called HCP Anywhere. Enterprise sync&share HCP anywhere is a very simple product that was thought up to solve a big problem: the enterprise dropbox-like service. In a few words, HCP Anywhere is nothing more than an on-premise sync&share with all those enterprise grade characteristics that every IT manager is asking: active directory integration, separation between enterprise and personal data, multi-device support, security features and so on. I’ve already tested...

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Files Vs. Objects: the difference is in the value

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about object storage and NAS. As a follow-up, this time I would like to go on with my rants and try to explain why I think that Object storage is a good option as NAS backend and why it could be a big leap forward in how you can exploit the real value of your data. File limits One of the most important limits of an ordinary filesystem is the filesystem itself. Many filesystems out of there are limited in the number of manageable files into one directory and in the...

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