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R.I.P. Sun Ray

That’s bad news for me! Sun Ray will cease to exist soon. In the early 2000s we (me and my former colleague Fabio) managed some successful projects with Sun Rays but then it became more and more complicated to support end users and we left. I know, nowadays it is quite an unusable product. But It the ’90s and early 2000s it was a great piece of technology, ahead of its time. End users appreciated it for the security, ease of management and resiliency of the environment. It’s not a coincidence that first customers were banks and the army....

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Comment: why end users (and I) hate Oracle

Disclaimer: My company was a Sun Microsystems partner (that later became part of Oracle) but now I no longer have a business relationships with this company anymore. Before the end of the year I had a lunch with a couple of friends: one Oracle’s employee and one partner of the same company. We weren’t there to talk about the most hated software company (and perhaps the wealthiest one) of the market but, eventually we opened up and shared each other some anecdotes. All the IT vendors have their fanboys and detractors, but I think that Oracle (not its products)...

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