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The magic of StorMagic comes from its simplicity

I met StorMagic a few weeks ago at Storage Field Day 6. We are talking about a company born in 2006 that is proposing a sole product called SvSAN. A VSA for VMware (and Hyper-V) environments which is very good for large distributed and remote deployments. Strengths SvSAN is a VSA that exposes iSCSI (there is a solid iSCSI knowledge in StorMagic) and it is compatible with VMware and Hyper-V. Contrary to what is usually seen on other VSAs, this one can start with very small high availability configurations (2 nodes). In fact, it manages the quorum device (which...

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SanDisk’s organic growth (and flash commoditization)

SanDisk is purchasing Fuision-IO for a $1.1B. This is the last of an interesting series of acquisitions and offers some interesting implications regarding the future of the enterprise flash memory market. About SanDisk and Fusion-IO SanDisk, which I recently met with during Storage Field Day 5, is well known to the public for its consumer products (like the USB memory sticks or the SD cards for your camera) but they are also one of the primary OEM vendors for enterprise storage array suppliers. In recent years many new products and technology have been added to their portfolio (some of...

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Hyper convergence for the rest of us? Scale Computing

This is not the first time I write about Scale Computing but I met them again a couple of weeks ago (at #SFD5) and I think there are some updates about their technology and products that are worthwhile mentioning. Scale computing has been around since 2009. At the beginning it was a scale-out storage particularly suited for SMB. Later, computing functionalities were added to it and now, with their 850+ customers and 1000+ deployments, they can be considered one of the most successful players in the hyper converged market so far. But they are different First of all, when...

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RAM and Flash are the key for effective general purpose scale-out infrastructures

A couple of weeks ago, during Storage Field Day 5, I had the opportunity to learn more about interesting “new” technologies set to have a tremendous impact on future infrastructures development: Flash and RAM. I’m not kidding! It could sound weird but it’s not about the technology itself rather how it can now be used to build next generation infrastructures. Yesterday In legacy environments scale-up architectures were the standard and, to obtain performance, you had to add resources (CPU, RAM, Disks, etc.) into the same box. The problem is that when you have filled up the box (A server,...

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X-IO: Software-defined what?

X-IO, born in 2007 and based in Colorado Springs (CO), is the result of the fusion of XioTech and the Advanced Storage Architecture division of Seagate (yes, the Hard Disk vendor). It’s not a proper startup actually (XioTech was born in 1995) but it does have most of the characteristics, of which the most important seems to be innovation. In a world of Software-defined everything they have chosen just the opposite direction with a product that relies on a strong hardware architecture and few (if any) software frills… but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good solution for...

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