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VMware VSAN, When good enough becomes very good

Last week I attended SFD9 and the last session of the week was with VMware about VSAN 6.2. This post is not a review of the product or an analysis about single features, there are plenty of them already. In this article I’d like to talk about what a product like VSAN 6.2 means for the entire SDS/HCI market. 6.2 The new version was launched a few weeks ago and it’s an evolution of the product originally launched less than 2 years ago (VSAN follows vSphere version numbering, which means this is actually version 2.2 and not 6.2). But...

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Quick note: Heading to SF for @Purestorage //Accelerate and #SFD9

I’m here at the Munich airport looking for a way to manage this looooong layover. What’s better than write a short note about these two great events then? Pure first Monday and Tuesday I will be attending Pure Storage //Accelerate event. Single vendor events are not my favorite, but this time there is something that I think it is worth the travel alone. I can’t say more now but, tomorrow, Pure is going to announce something really (but really) cool, for both the AFA and storage industry in general… stay tuned! Storage Field Day 9 Yes, I’m doing it...

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#SFD8, it’s storage prime time!

Next Tuesday, Oct. 20, I’ll be traveling to Silicon Valley for Storage Field Day 8! Storage Field Day, as well as all the other “Field Days”, is a great event that brings together IT vendors (mostly startups) and influencers. The idea is simple: each vendor has a two hour slot which is usually filled up with presentations about the company, its vision, product and a live demo. Sessions are always very interactive (and you can participate by using the #SFD8 hashtag on twitter). It will also be broadcasted live on the TFD website (and you can find a video...

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When looking good is no longer enough

Last week I attended Storage Field Day 7. One of the companies I met at the event was Kaminario, producer of an All-Flash Array. This startup has a potentially good product, with its pros and cons, but the question here is: is “good” still enough to have a serious chance of success in this market segment? A few words about Kaminario Kaminario was founded in 2010 in Boston with offices in Israel, New York and Silicon Valley. Its objective is to produce next generation storage systems based on flash-memory. The startup raised a total of $143M in funding (last...

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Storage Field Day 7, links and live stream

With this short post I want to share with you all the useful links for Storage Field Day 7 which I’m going to attend this week. First of all you can find the live stream player down below (or on top of the right sidebar in this website). – All the agenda of the day is available here – All the article already published with the #SFD7 hashtag are available here – And last but not least, are you interested in becoming a Tech Field Day delegate? just follow this link. Enjoy the show and join the discussion on...

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