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VeeamON: A good show at its 1.0 version (but there is much more)

I’m currently attending VeeamON in Las Vegas. The green colored company, which is hosting its first show for partners and customers, has done a good job. Yes, there is space for improvement (especially on how manage a specific blogger track) but I’m sure that the feedback will help them to do even better next year. About the show Veeam has managed to bring some real good stuff here. The CEO’s keynote presentation done in an interview-style fashion, was brilliant and it helped Ratmir Timashev be more comfortable on stage (he looked quite nervous but with the help of the...

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New storage architectures (and DDN GS7K)

Yesterday Data Direct Networks has announced a new product, the GS7K Parallel File System Appliance. This is a GPFS based storage appliance aimed at storing huge amounts of data for the kind of organizations that want an easy to deploy and simple to manage solution with enterprise grade support. In fact, similar infrastructures can also be implemented with open source products and standard x86 hardware but the skills needed to design and maintain these environments at best are not available everywhere (and they aren’t cheap!). With this product DDN addresses a problem which is already present in larger organizations...

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EMC future? Strong winds and rough seas (without the trusty helmsman)

In the last couple of weeks I came across some news saying that EMC was looking to merger. Names like Dell, HP (and others) popped up as usual but it looks like all the talks came to a stall for different reasons. Today, EMC is by far the leader of the data storage market but, at the same time, its future holds a lot of potential threats for investors and end users. I think EMC has good reason to look around, now that it’s a wealthy company, TO find an exit strategy before its too late. The helmsman is...

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Your next (big) VTL? it will probably be a S3 storage

In case you missed it, many backup softwares are already supporting both on-premises and public S3 repositories (object storage) as target for backup jobs. Others will be joining this trend soon. Object storage is perfect for backups and the capabilities offered by the latest versions of available products make this type of storage a good solution for short and long term backups. Two pillars As you probably already know, I’m strongly convinced that the future of enterprise storage will be sustained by two pillars: AFA (and hyper-converged AFA systems) on one side, and object storage on the other (here...

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VeeamON is around the corner… are you ready for it?

At the beginning of October I’ll be attending the first VeeamON in Las Vegas. I usually don’t accept invites from single product companies (which means a long journey to the US for me) but for Veeam it is slightly different. (BTW, they are not a single product company, even if it’s indisputable that they are mostly known for their backup suite) Why I’m attending I admire Veeam for being capable of innovating in a field that is all but sexy! In fact, in case you aren’t already informed, Veeam leads the market of backup solutions for virtualized infrastructures with...

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