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Software-Defined cloud (object) storage?

Well, the title is a somewhat strong (and full of buzzwords) maybe, but it’s just a way to get your attention… and I have to admit that finding a title for this post wasn’t easy. Lately I’ve been working with various Object Storage vendors, and I’ve collected some interesting information about what you can expect from object storage solutions in the near future (some of which are already available) and what it will mean for your enterprise hybrid cloud storage infrastructure. Two trends (preface) There are two visibly opposite trends in modern IT: moving data closer to the CPU...

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SanDisk’s organic growth (and flash commoditization)

SanDisk is purchasing Fuision-IO for a $1.1B. This is the last of an interesting series of acquisitions and offers some interesting implications regarding the future of the enterprise flash memory market. About SanDisk and Fusion-IO SanDisk, which I recently met with during Storage Field Day 5, is well known to the public for its consumer products (like the USB memory sticks or the SD cards for your camera) but they are also one of the primary OEM vendors for enterprise storage array suppliers. In recent years many new products and technology have been added to their portfolio (some of...

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The Good and the Bad of EMC at #SFD5

Last week I attended Storage Field Day 5 and the most controversial session was the one with EMC. If you didn’t get the chance to take a look at the videos recorded during that session you can find several links on Tech Filed Day YouTube channel (but I know, 4 hours is too long for anyone so I hope this short post will help!) In this blog I’ll try to recap what I’ve learned (the good part) and what I haven’t (the bad part… and it’s not my fault). The good The second part of the EMC presentation was...

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Two interesting videos from Virtualization Field Day 3

Last week I totally missed Virtualization Field Day 3, that’s a shame because the quality of some sessions was very high (as usual, indeed!). I’m going through the videos right now and I would like to put under your attention a few of them: The first one comes from Pure Storage, it’s very educative about Flash, different types of NAND memory, resiliency and so on. It’s worth a watch: The second one is the Atlantis computing USX tech deep dive session, a product with a lot of potential in the VSA space: I also suggest you to take a...

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Next Gen Storage Summit in LA

Next week I’ll be attending Next Gen Storage Summit in LA, an event organized by TruthinIT and dedicated to Object and Flash storage. This three day event is going to be particularly interesting because there will be plenty of opportunities to go in depth on two of the hottest topics of the storage industry. The Agenda is full of presentations, panels and end user cases: a great occasion to learn, share experiences and chat about these new technologies. I will also be hosting a session on 5th of March (end users’ day): Enterprise object storage: why it is important...

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