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SolidFire thinks big and small at the same time!

You know, I don’t usually hide my opinions and I’ve already wrote my sentiments about SolideFire a couple of times recently (here and here). They have designed a very good product with many interesting characteristics but, up until yesterday there were two different problems from my point of view… which now look like things of the past. A new smaller model Solidfire has finally added a smaller model to its products line up, which now counts 3 new models (SF2405, SF4805 and SF9010). You can consider them the small, medium, large capacity models where, in fact, the big difference...

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I can’t stop wondering about SolidFire in the Enterprise

[UPDATE]: I had a further chat with SolidFire and I made a correction to the original post. Looks like, I’ve totally misunderstood a statement during the original session. Last week I met up with SolidFire once again, and I’ve been wondering about their potential role in the enterprise space. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’re probably familiar with my POV about them… but there is something more that should be taken into consideration even though you might not be a huge enterprise or a CSP. The company is small and they don’t want to be competing...

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…but Pure Storage Flash Array is more than an EMC VNX

Last week I wrote a piece titled “Is SolidFire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?” where I’ve compared SolidFire to the EMC VMAX (a very successful post indeed) and I ended it wondering about Pure Storage and comparing it to the EMC VNX. I would like to add something more to that statement and clarify my point of view. What is the VNX? If you work in the IT, you probalby know… but, just to stay on the safe side, I ‘ll give you a brief run down. The EMC VNX2 is the last incarnation of a product born...

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Is Solidfire the Symmetrix of the cloud era?

EMC Symmetrix was introduced in 1990 (as a Mainframe storage) and it has quickly become one of the most successful enterprise Tier1 storage ever (Now the VMAX). It’s big (now supporting up to 3200 disks and 2048GB of cache) but its architecture is outdated and so are its features. What was good enough to sustain Mainframe and large Unix server workloads is no longer when having to manage thousands (or tens of thousands) of VMs. More and more… and more It’s not only the number of VMs (and consequently, of the physical servers) it’s much more than that. In...

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QoS, the next feature you’ll be asking for

At the last Storage Field Day, two topics were discussed at almost every session: scale-out and QoS (Quality of Service). Ok about scale-out, we’ve been talking about its benefits, pros and cons for quite some time… but why is QoS so important? And why should you care about it? Scale-out is today Scale-out is something that is happening right now and you can find many scale-out solutions out there. Looking at the SFD4 event alone, I can mention Coho data, GridStore, Nimble Storage, Cleversafe, Avere systems, CloudByte and Overland. All of them have a scale-out storage, different implementations, different...

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